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Consumer Credit Reporting

The core information that individuals willing to enter into credit agreement must have is a credit report from borrowers. Metrimeo calculates a consumer credit score through its product ScoreoTM for individuals through a complex algorithm developed by the company. These credit reports are generated and accessed via our systems using unique keys assigned to each potential borrower. They will provide and excellent overview to lenders and help them decide whether to extend a credit line or not.


Business Ratings & Reporting

We built an artificial intelligence solution that performs in-depth verification and allows companies to tremendously lower risk on their potential investments. This is to provide a perspective to local and international investors willing to enter a new market or partnership. Our Business Rating is ideal for organizations eager to acquire trade references on other companies that they would like to venture with. Our Business report and screening will evaluate companies’ activities and operations that are critical for their successes.


Application Screening

MetriMeo provides a fast and effective screening (background check) Service to clients who need to verify an applicant’s details. The verification process primarily discerns any fraudulent applications to ensure that the client gets certified information and makes the correct hiring decision. 

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