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Corporate credit rating

BusiMeo RatingTM

✓ Are you a Financial Institution?

You want to lend money or partner with a local business, you now can do it with confidence using BusiMeo Rating. You will be able to access or request corporate credit ratings of any local businesses that need a loan, a join venture, or a partnership. Local businesses are not rated by major credit agencies so it’s quite difficult to trust them, but now with BusiMeo rating you have an important tool to gauge local business creditworthiness.

✓ Are you a Service Company?

From your request for proposals, you need a new deciding factor in order to choose the best contractor for your project.  Local contractors’ creditworthiness might be an indicator of how healthy the business is and inspire trust on the way they do business.

Corporate Screening

BusiMeo ScreeningTM

✓ Financial Institutions need to be in the know

It has clearly become a best practice for businesses with sensitive data and high reputation such as banks and other financial institutions to use business screening report when considering to partner or venture with new local businesses.

✓ Businesses need the right local partners

Our Business report and screening will evaluate companies’ activities and operations that are critical for their successes. It provides an in-depth view of a company’s financial position, including actual trade payment experiences, public record information, company comparison to industry norms, predictive future payment habits and financial stability.

✓ Service companies need key metrics

One of the best ways to minimize your risk is to know all of the key metrics of a business you want to partner with, and be able to analyze that company’s recent financial indicators. 

Application Screening

VeriMeo ScreeningTM

MetriMeo provides a fast and effective screening (background check) Service to clients who need to verify an applicant’s details. The verification process primarily discerns any fraudulent applications to ensure that the client gets certified information and makes the correct hiring decision. 

✓ Financial Institutions

As the regulation of employment practices in general and financial services in particular continues to grow and become increasingly complex, firms operating in this industry are faced with the challenge of determining how best to comply with varying legal requirements that at times seem to be in direct conflict with each other. Employers in the financial services industry, such as insurance companies, banks, microfinances and others, are subject to various background investigation and screening requirements.

✓ Service companies

Businesses large and small need to make wise hiring decisions. Whether they are looking to employ an administrative assistant, hire an engineer, or vet a potential tenant, running a background check can give you some added peace of mind and potentially protect you legally.

Credit Score

Scoreo BasicTM

✓ Financial Institutions

Commercial Banks, Microfinance Institutions, and Insurance Companies will be able to subscribe to our Scoreo BasicTM product in order to pull their customers’ unique credit score. Our system will give them basic access to our consumers data analytics where they will only be able to inquire about customers credit score.

✓ Service Companies

By determining the creditworthiness and credit limit of your customers, a high ROI can be measured by targeting the right prospects who are more likely to become fast-paying customers and therefore bring more reliable cash flows to your business.

Credit Report

Scoreo PremiumTM

✓ Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions have also the choice to subscribe to our Scoreo PremiumTM product which gives them a full access to our consumers data analytics where they will be able to generate customers full and comprehensive credit reports (credit history, credit inquiries, credit score, and additional relevant details)

✓ Service Companies

Full Credit Reports provide information that helps companies to make sure consumers will pay their bill on a regular basis. The score only can be misleading but a full credit report displays consumers payment habits. 

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