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MetriMeo was founded early in 2014 with a mission to improve the economic outlook of people in the Sub-Saharan area. The vision emerged from the paradox that Africa is a continent with an extremely high development potential, near-infinite natural resources, a very young population (which is as creative and resourceful as it gets), yet most of the continent barely takes off economically.

The situation above can be explained by multiple challenges of which the lack of specialized credit information repositories and the absence of scaled historical financial data records. In addition to that, about 66% of sub-Saharan Africans are listed as “unbanked” according to the world bank, meaning they do not have any financial footprint. As a result, lenders and creditors are unable to accurately assess consumers’ creditworthiness, which forces them to charge high interest rates. This leads to setting a barrier right between the potential borrower and the lender, which in turn is slowing down the wealth creation in the economies.

Our company is rising to the challenge of using technology, focusing on the sub-saharan African market, to deliver ‘trust’ among institutions and individuals to do more business together, thus boosting the sub-regional economies.


Our vision is to restore trust among all the stakeholders of a solid economy. We aim to increase money velocity through using our robust credit reporting and verification systems. We create a secure business environment by improving, advancing and conveying trust among financial & non-financial institutions, cooperatives, landlords and individuals.

We are a global analytics company and we take to heart financial education of the mass, and deeply believe in personal development. We aim to empower people with all the tools for them to step into their future with confidence. 

Our solution is providing accurate credit rating and reporting services to businesses and individuals through powerful algorithms. We help institutions or Governments to make objective financial decisions based on data driven research we perform for them. We improve money quality, efficiency and capital inflow circulation among Africans, which in turn improves the business landscape in Africa


✓ Trust is at the center of what we do

✓ We always do the right thing

✓ We put our customers first

✓ We grow and innovate


Eric massamba

Chief Executive Officer

Larissa Djato

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Mbaye

Chief Technology Officer


MetriMeo teams up with world class partners to bring our innovations to life.

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